The Gonder Group

The GONDER Group is one of the leading service companies in and around Frankfurt. As an innovative, dynamic company with some 3,000 employees, we constantly seek out new challenges within the professional facility management sector, the provision of personnel and logistics – virtually nationwide.

over 20 locations with 2700 emplloyees throughout Germany


Quality, competence, reliability and service play a prominent role for us in order to continuously provide a professional level of service for the customer. Customer satisfaction is the absolute standard.

With all our vigour, we strive to ensure customer confidence and finally to inspire.




The company is already in its fourth generation of family ownership. In 1999, Hans T. Gonder took over GONDER Facility Services GmbH, working together with employees to create a modern, dynamic and high-growth service companies in a very short time. Through absolute reliability, a steadily increase of competencies and innovative solutions in the field of professional facility management, our company has established itself and built up a solid customer base throughout the country. With the expansion of our services in the sectors facility management, personnel services and logistics, we can offer a comprehensive product range for all customers’ requirements. We are proud of our achievements and are constantly working to build upon these results for the benefit of our customers.


A successful working relationship is always built upon two. The client who sees the need for their problems to be optimally solved and the employee who, at the right place and time, fully realises their potential. 

To meet the changing requirements of the modern workplace in a flexible, cost-effective and professional way, we support you with our experience and know-how. From the first consultation to the planning and realisation of complex HR solutions, we support you and your team with the right people, actions and ideas.


Our core principles are not just lip service, but are heeded by our employees who identify with the company and act on the clients’ behalf:

  • Our ultimate goal is satisfied customers.
  • All services in infrastructural facility management are carried out by our own teams – not through subcontractors.
  • We develop innovative services to satisfy and pre-empt our customers’ needs.
  • This confidence is warranted in light of the quality of work and high level of service for the properties we administer.
  • Our services are performed using modern equipment, environmentally oriented and economical.
  • The use of chemical agents and resources takes place in compliance with occupational safety and environmental regulations.
  • A consistent quality policy guarantees the maintenance and expansion of our services and our leading position.
  • We continually meet our customers’ every need – flexibly, expediently, promptly and economically Each contract is preceded by detailed consultation.
  • We voluntarily set binding quality standards and measure our performance against the best in the industry.
  • Our team members are characterised by politeness, punctuality and honesty . Characteristics that we are already mindful of during the hiring of employees.
  • We provide our team with career prospects and individual development opportunities and are committed to constant training


Our core principles are not just lip service, but are heeded by our employees who identify with the company and act on the clients’ behalf.


OHSAS Certification

Founding of Gonder Personnel Services Environmental certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001

Founding of Gonder Logistics Services GmbH

Certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001

Assumed role as Chief Executive

Joined the company


1961 - 1995 
In 1961, the grandson took over the management. By expanding the range of services and the added value of challenging properties he was able to build upon the success of our company.


1924 - 1961
The company's history begins in 1924 with the establishment of the Gonder commercial cleaning company. Even then Hans Gonder laid the foundation for a company that was characterized by quality, reliability and customer-specific services.


Cleanliness not at the expense of the environment

Cleanliness, hygiene and well-maintained facilities play a crucial role, especially in the business environment. We do everything to ensure that our customers feel comfortable in the premises we clean. At the same time, this cleanliness must not be at the expense of the environment. For this reason, we are consistently pursuing the ecological use of detergents and packaging materials. In so doing, all the products, cleaning agents, equipment and textiles are optimally used to reduce consumption to a sustainable amount.
To ensure globally recognised environmental standards, GONDER is certified based on the DIN EN ISO 14001 standard. More on sustainability and environmental protection

More on sustainability and environmental protection

Social Commitment


The JOBLINGE initiative supports young people from disadvantaged backgrounds when entering into training and work. The goal: real job opportunities and sustainable integration into the labour market and society. 
In an interview for "Die Integrationsmacher" the managing director of Gonder Facility Services GmbH, Hans T. Gonder, states how he deems himself responsible in terms of integration.

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Sport also moves GONDER, that’s why supporting the youth rugby team SC 1880 Frankfurt is one of our initiatives.

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