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Excellent! Our bees claimed a silver medal.

Its buzzing around our company headquarters. Because we added another 280.000 employees: bees. They keep reminding us that we are all part of a balanced ecosystem that needs protection and mindfulness. The four bee hives are being maintained permanently over the year by our beekeeper Jürgen Leimann. The honey itself is being produced in line with the strict rules of the beekeepers association and is a pure natural product. Quality, purity, scent and taste are so delicious that we have just been awarded with a silver medal of the Landesverbands Hessischer Imker e.V. . We are absolutely thrilled with this award and immensely proud of our bees effort.

120 years of Eintracht Frankfurt

On June 29th 2019 we will participate in celebrating 120 years of Eintracht Frankfurt at the Commerzbank-Arena. Guests will be delighted with a concert performed by regional, national and international artists. As diverse as the association itself the event will provide entertainment "regionally rooted and internationally oriented". Artists were selected minding this motto accordingly. Accompanied by musical display, scenery of contemporary video material will be exhibited. Stay with us to take this musical time travel through Eintracht Frankfurt´s history!

Full support for the WHU Euromasters 2018!

We are happy to have been able to support the complete logistics for last years installment of the WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management´s Event in Vallendar.

Europes biggest sports event for Business Schools is being organised completely by students and more than 20 of the EU´s best universities are participating in this challenge each year to see who can come out on top.

20 Years of Frankfurter Opernball

The GONDER Group, in its membership of the patronate of Städtischen Bühnen e.V, has donated the costs for the image move production celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Opernball in Frankfurt. The result can be seen via the link below.

Image movie of the Opernball

We offer our congratulations to Eintracht Frankfurt!

Eintracht Frankfurt recently managed to break the 65,000 member mark!

At a raffle commemorating this unique event, the GONDER Group and Eintracht donated a complete package of VIP tickets for the Euro League game in Cyprus, including airline tickets and overnight stay.



12. NAI Apollo Group Soccer Cup

We are glad that we are not only in the function of a sponsor. We also send a powerful team into the race. More than 500 spectators and players had found their way to the training ground of the professional foodballer of Eintracht Frankfurt in the district of Riederwald - a new record.

A further great success: The donation proceeds will benefit to the charitable institution - named brotZeit e.V.

Our personal success was the achievement in the quarterfinals 



Luminale enlightened our clients

We are not going to keep at least these two light art installations from this years Luminale from you. Shown are buildings of the ECB (above) and ING DiBa. The light art festival is a biennial held following the Light + Building fair here at Frankfurt.


Again, we are proud to announce that Gonder was able to submit items to the traditional raffle held at the "ball des Sports". We much enjoyment to the winners with our contribution.


At JOBLINGE, many people engage in a variety of ways. All commitment, all support and all encouragement counts. The JOBLINGE initiative has therefore launched a joint photo project with the Gibson Club. The goal is to show the people behind JOBLINGE, to give their commitment a collective face – all of whom stand for the success of JOBLINGE. Immerse yourself in our world, find out what type of person you are or could be – and be inspired by their dedication.  



We owe our high quality standard to our certified management system, which is constantly monitored, expanded and periodically checked. In November of this year, the second monitoring audit of the GONDER Group took place, during which all business areas and the respective processes, documents and data management were carefully examined and evaluated. Through regular internal reviews and process audits, we continue to provide our customers with effective quality management and thereby ensure a consistently high quality standard. In particular, the well-documented and functioning processes of the various sectors were praised. We also highlighted the multiple improvements and changes that have been initiated and implemented by the company group within the last year. Once again it was demonstrated that we have fulfilled all requirements. In spite of the excellent results, the tests also provided new, important impetus for improvements and further developments in order to further improve the high level of procedures and processes for the benefit of comprehensive quality.


In Frankfurt on 31 October 2016, the organizers and supporters of Joblinge met for the grand jubilee on the occasion of the organization’s 5-year anniversary. On hand to provide the musical and cultural entertainment were not only top notch musicians but also Joblinge beneficiaries themselves.


Our last annual training event this year took place on 12 November on the Saalbau premises in Haus Ronneburg and was a great success! Especially in economically difficult times it is often forgotten that employees are the most important resource of a company. Indeed, if employees are doing well, then so too is the company. That is why occupational health and safety is one of the key tasks at our company. Another focus of this year's event was that of demeanour and conduct among our customers.

The topics covered were varied, practical and were received with great interest. We would like to thank more than 40 employees for the interest they have shown and for their active cooperation in this event.


Hans T. Gonder had long entertained the idea of introducing this piano idea to Frankfurt, which he had experienced in Munich several years prior.

Mr. Gonder was able to convince the organizers of the Music Trade Fair to introduce this idea into their overall concept.

More than 1,000 pianists spontaneously joined one of the 5 free-to-use pianos in Frankfurt over period of 4 days in April 2016, entertaining enthusiastic passersby.

Hessische Rundfunk covered the event on TV and the Frankfurter Rundschau as well as the Frankfurter Allgemeine both produced an editorial on the happening.

Watch Video


Hans T. Gonder, as one of the 5 founding shareholders and member of the Supervisory Board, on his goals for his favourite project.

Joblinge. Over 800 trained young people without prospects in a traineeship within a 5-year period at Joblinge Rhine/Main. All signs point to an increase of those trained. Almost all well-known companies participate in this successful programme.



We are pleased to announce that GONDER Facility Management Services was successful in the competitive Europe-wide tender for the building management of the Hessian Broadcasting Corporation. An integral part of our duties are, amongst others, 50,000 square meters of cleaning space including studio space and kitchen (maintenance cleaning, glass and special cleaning, management of the casino and conference area, including the provision of kitchen aids and canteen staff, utility room and conference room management) in a complex building structure requiring intensive location and spatial orientation. The customer was primarily concerned with the sensitive handling of production technology and the understanding of the various technical fields. Our specialty is, however, the realization of the quickest response times and exceptional flexibility due to day-to-day and constantly changing program and broadcasting operations. We were also able to fulfill, for instance, the requirements for the close interlocking of building cleaning and catering / gastronomy, as well as the provision of appropriately qualified personnel in the area of hygiene and guarantee excellent service orientation. Due to the above-described particularities of the Hessian Broadcasting Corporation’s real estate management and terms of usage, high demands have been placed on quality management.


On 13 September 2016, the German Red Cross celebrated its 150th anniversary at the Römer Frankfurt. As it is important for the GONDER Group to support social projects, we acted as an "exclusive supporter" at this event.