Clean geos green - Naturally. Eco. Logical!


There is clearly an actual paradigm shift taking place in the cleaning industry, which is introducing a big chance for the environment: facility and office cleaning are becoming sustainable. GONDER Facility Services is a first mover in terms of this trendsetting attitude and will make a statement in executing this responsible stance towards nature, climate and resources under the roof of CLEAN GOES GREEN.


CLEAN GOES GREEN is the joint effort of ecological measures and innovative solutions which will aim in a sophisticated improvement of our environmental balance.

Cleaning technology without chemistry.

For our cleaning materials we are betting on a revolutionary development of biotechnology. For this, all materials that are somewhat harmful to animals, nature or humans is banned. For example solvents, polymeres, phosphates or flexibilizers. Clinical hygiene is provided by micro-organisms not harmful to users, surfaces and environment. These products are hypoallergenic, degradable within a minimum of time and serving highest international standards. Advantages are:

    • suited for all surfaces
    • best biological degradability
    • optimum cleaning capacity
    • no health risks
    • no material damages
    • no odors

Reducing material, waste and environmental strain
With a new cleaning material based on components, we can set new standards in sustainable facility and office space cleaning. The special thing about this is that there are only three products to be used within the object for the procedure. These are being mixed and dosed according to the task at hand. This stands in contrast to the usual practice of many producers to provide countless products for special tasks and areas. Here the storage is radically simplified and the probability of errors is minimized to the full extent.

Advantages are:

    • improved product efficiency, less package materials, easy handling as well as lowered storage and logistical costs
    • the componential cleaning product is more simple for the user to apply, convincing in its cleaning power and relieves the environment
    • by using refillable containers we are saving up to 2.5t of plastic waste annually

Saving precious water

Responsible use of resources and access to clean drinking water are criteria that will influence our future heavily. CLEAN GOES GREEN means that, here as well we are stering towards a more environmentally friendly solution.
Due the introduction of so-called I-Mops (35 machines all in all) Gonder Facility Services was able to save around 150.000l of water in 2018 alone. With the innovative technique of a continously driving seated cleaning machine, recycling used water over and over, another 250.000l of water were saved per year and vehicle. In total we were able to save about 400.000l of water by employing these revolutionary technologies. Enough to supply 10 average german households for one year.

Acting holistically and globally with made blue
We are supporting made blue´s project, which is supplying people and areas with the amount of water that we have been sparing. For example to school kids in a developing country, providing them with a year´s worth of drinking water. The initiative of made blue os also supported by acclaimed charity and partnering organizations.

Application of special recycling materials on hygienic papers

Instead of the usual hygienic papers with fresh pulp, our customers are now using full-fledged recycling towels which have their very own cycle and are made from Tetra Paks. By this, 2.9 Mio. Cartons for packaging are re-used annually. Over 76.000kg of CO2 are spared and at least 1.100 trees are being saved.

Also, starting in April of 2019, the GONDER vehicle fleet will add its first electric Smart Automobile.

Sustainability is the future

"GONDER Group belongs to the leading service companies in the area of Rhein-Main and is present in nearly every region of Germany. Around 1.900 german and international companies and institutions trust us upon our competence, reliability and high quality standards.
Looking at climate change and the ever growing global consumption of resources we see challenges rising. CLEAN GOES GREEN is our way of taking on this entrepreneurial responsibility and we will continue to seek innovative and revolutionary technologies to employ to serve a sustainable future."