GONDER Facility Services GmbH

The demands of our customers’ professional facility services have increased significantly in recent years. Customers in turn have presented us with new challenges. We have risen to these challenges and offer a complete range of facility management services related to your core business and your property. We help our customers to secure their fixed assets and ensure a trouble-free process in terms of their operational functions. To meet these needs, we offer a full range of services for your buildings and properties.

Infrastructural Facility Management

Efficient operation of buildings

Buildings and production plants tie up a lot of capital and retaining their value is economically vital. They are however also a symbol for businesses and authorities, and the place where people work. We continually meet the ever increasing demands that go with the cleaning and maintenance of buildings, grounds and facilities whilst at the same time giving due consideration to the need for a reasonable cost framework. Professionalism and the use of modern technology ensures that GONDER Facility Services GmbH optimises the use of resources in buildings.

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Mastery of all building functions

Building technology has become increasingly diverse in recent years. Buildings today require the mastery of equipment and control systems of various functionality. Rising energy prices have meant that their efficient utilisation has become a further challenge. Through our range of services, we ensure that your building meets your every need, reliably and smoothly. As professionals with knowledge of all fields of technology used in buildings, we ensure the seamless use of increasingly complex building technology systems.

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Our cleaning and other related services in infrastructural facility management


  • conference management
  • consulting services for optimising operational processes
  • reception and porter services
  • care and management of guesthouses & residences
  • in-house Postdienste
  • Office Service
  • Risk Management
  • Veranstaltungsservice
  • Winterdienst und Grünpflege


  • commercial cleaning
  • end of construction cleaning
  • glass and façade cleaning
  • hotel and guest house cleaning
  • industrial cleaning clinic and retirement cleaning
  • cleaning according to HACCP
  • cleaning of kitchens and canteens
  • cleanroom cleaning
  • maintenance cleaning
  • Ergebnisorientierte Reinigung 

Our services in technical and commercial facility management


  • Ventilation and air-conditioning technology
  • Electrical installation
  • Moving services
  • Janitorial services


  • procurement
  • space management
  • energy management 

These services are executed by trusted long standing partners.