Seasonal fluctuations in the beverage market and changing consumer behaviour require flexible processes. Short decision-making processes and dynamic personnel planning enable short-term adjustments to changes in demand. This allows you to react quickly and stay competitive. Our international network ensures constant service provision in the areas of sorting, process optimisation and scheduling. When it comes to taking your crate and bottle sorting to a new level, we have the right solutions for you.

Crate sorting – what services do we offer?

  • Container sorting
  • Article sorting
  • Crate sorting
  • Sorting of empties
  • Precision bottle sorting
  • Soil sorting
  • Data collection and evaluation
  • Quality assurance
  • Safe working environment


Our longstanding employees are characterised by their exemplary service ethos and accuracy. In addition to sorting bottles and crates accurately, we evaluate your data with regard to errors. We then optimise the processes and thus ensure the quality of the sorting process and an improved workflow.


  • Sorting
  • Error analysis
  • Flexibility
  • Optimisation and quality assurance