Automotive industry

In the automotive industry, seamless processes are essential. That is why the reliable and professional cleaning of halls, machines, factories and ESD areas is crucial. At GONDER, we look after some of the largest companies in Germany in this sector. From classic maintenance cleaning to professional cleaning of halls and production cleaning, many customers within the automotive industry rely on our years of expertise. Our qualified employees clean, maintain and service the most diverse areas of a production facility. The satisfaction of our customers is our main focus. That’s why you can be sure that you are making the right choice when it comes to GONDER looking after your property.

Automotive industry – what services do we offer?

  • Maintenance cleaning
  • Production cleaning
  • Machine cleaning
  • Washroom supply
  • Intra and factory logistics
  • Cleanroom cleaning
  • Cleaning of ESD areas
  • Material transport and disposal

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