With a workforce of over 3,000 employees, GONDER now operates across numerous regional and national industry sectors. Our family-run company not only relies on high quality standards, but also on its qualified employees who put them into practice. Many satisfied customers are appreciative of this and have remained loyal partners for many years. We believe in the importance of good cooperation with our employees and customers. We provide tailor-made personnel solutions that meet your current needs and thus ensure your success. At GONDER we oversee one of the largest printing houses in Europe. About 100 employees are responsible for the operation of packaging machines, loading of paper, compiling of newspapers with brochures and pre-products, receipt of goods, allocation of brochure deliveries and material management. Thanks to our motivated staff, we always succeed in gaining our customers’ trust.

GONDER Personnel – what services do we offer for the printing technology sector?

  • Operation of packaging machines

  • Loading of paper for printing machines

  • Completion of newspapers with brochures and pre-products

  • Receiving goods

  • Assignment of brochure deliveries

  • High-bay warehouse management

  • Material management

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