Around 764,000 people live in Frankfurt. This makes Frankfurt the largest city in Hesse. A large city with a need for affordable housing. Housing that is made possible by housing associations. Many of the largest housing associations are located in Frankfurt. Especially in this area, organisation and smooth processes are essential to maintain and clean all areas. At GONDER, we ensure that almost 100,000 m² of surfaces are kept clean and well-maintained throughout Frankfurt. Some of the most important housing associations have been relying on our experience and the reliability of our trained employees for years. In addition to general cleaning tasks, such as exterior cleaning and stairwell cleaning, our employees take care of green maintenance, winter services and caretaker services. This way, every property makes a well-kept impression.

Housing associations – what services do we offer?

  • Stairwell cleaning

  • Caretaker services

  • Exterior cleaning

  • Green maintenance

  • Winter service