Container handling is of particular importance for the global trade in goods and, in turn, for Germany as well. Every year millions of containers are handled in German ports alone. Our customers also use container transport for their trade in goods – whether by ship, air freight, rail or road.

GONDER Logistics takes on container handling from arrival at the client or until transport. Unloading a container, whether with industrial trucks or manually, is only part of the process. We not only unload containers, but we also check incoming goods for quantity and quality and sign off on this part of the shipping process. The "marriage" via scan or booking completes the securing of the goods in the warehouse for further use. Individual packing patterns and security guidelines are adhered to and checked by our trained employees.
Outgoing goods are also handled according to customer specifications and, if necessary, documented in compliance with strict regulations.
Cargo securing is continuously checked and timely loading is guaranteed.

Container handling – what services do we offer?

  • Cargo securing
  • Quality checks
  • Quantity checks
  • Labelling
  • Storage according to packing specifications
  • Scan and bookings
  • Documentation
  • Sealing


  • Organisation and planning of the flow of goods
  • Preparation and execution of
  • flexible volume processing
  • Qualified employees
  • Documentation of processes